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Kent D. Palmer, Ph.D.

Real-time Systems and Software Engineering Practice

Agile and Lean Technologist and Process Engineering Specialist

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Working Papers

Dean Leffingwell’s Vision of Agile at Scale Transformation (SAFe): A Brief Overview and Critique 

IEEE Event Presentation Recording

Emergent Agile at Scale Adaptation Approach, Diagram

Agile Theory

The Foundations of Agile Teaming

Agile Lean Systems Engineering -- in work 

Special Systems Theory (new Draft 0.7 2013.06.21)

The Essential Nature of Product Traceability and its relation to Agile Approaches

Published CSER Paper (alternate source)

CSER2014 Audio of Talk

CSER2014 Briefing Charts

Product Owner Agile Systems Engineering Strategies

Software Craftsmanship Vision

What are the Principles that arise in Practice?

Hacking the Essence of Software 

Schemas Theory tutorial for INCOSE.org IS Conference 2014, ISSS.org Conference 2014 and INCOSE International Workshop 2015

Tutorial Part 1

Tutorial Part 2

For more papers and talks see http://archonic.net

For dissertation in Systems Engineering on Emergent Design see http://emergentdesign.net

See Academia.edu site

CSER 2011

Reworking the Integral System Engineering Method Domain Specific Languages paper

Integral Systems Engineering Methodology briefing

conference: talk mp3

podcast: tutorial mp3


Kent Palmer, Ph.D.


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